Behold the Lamb

Behold the Lamb

Carson Wagner
Kellan Monroe

First Grapevine Church, Grapevine TX

Release Date: 2019

Monroe, K.

Voicing: Male Solo, SATB, Worship Leader

Prism Music is excited to shine a light on the dynamic duo of Kellan Monroe and Carson Wagner in this debut EP collection. These guys regularly create amazing worship experiences in the positions of His calling at First Grapevine, TX. Grace Upon Grace is just the beginning of what is anticipated to be a rich body of work in the future. Herein lies a group of powerful songs which are hymns of the faith, proven popular, or just breaking on the worship scene. The arrangements elevate great songs to emotionally engaging and God-swept moments of worship. The Extended Play series allows the opportunity for ministries to incorporate this fresh infusion of talent at a modest price point. Winner songs, winner arrangements, winner price... Grace Upon Grace sells itself.

Behold the Lamb

Item Price Qty
Choir Part Permission
(1 per choir member)
Demonstration Recording Permission
(1 per choir member)
SATB Practice Track Permission
(1 per choir member, minimum 4)
Accompaniment Split Track
Instrumental Stem Tracks
Video Streaming License
(copyright permission not included)



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Behold the Lamb

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