I'm Going Home With Jesus

I'm Going Home With Jesus

Bradley Knight

First Baptist Church, Jacksonville FL

Release Date: 2015

McGruder, C.

Voicing: Female Solo, SATB

Still the King is a wonderfully inspirational collection featuring the Worship Choir of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL and the brilliance of arranger and orchestrator Bradley Knight. This collection of songs truly spans the generations and genres. Among the 10 songs, contemporary gospel songs like Take Me to the King and Lead Me to the Rock are placed right next to Southern gospel songs Going Home with Jesus and Say Amen. Of particular note, the hauntingly beautiful arrangement of the song There Is A Place, made popular by Tommy Walker, will certainly be a crowd pleaser. And finally, giving honor to a 30-year classic, Bradley Knight has given a majestic overhaul to the Babbie Mason classic, All Rise. Still the King will certainly be a book that choirs will enjoy returning to time and time again. As the lyrics from the song Christ is Still the King remind us, "Rejoice! The tomb is empty, and Christ is still the King!"

I'm Going Home With Jesus

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I'm Going Home With Jesus

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