Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance

Community Bible Church

Community Bible Church, San Antonio TX

Release Date: 2015

Crosby, F.,
Knapp, P.,
Walker, T.

Voicing: SATB

Tommy Walker, Sean Beck and Community Bible Church have teamed up once more to provide an excellent multigenerational worship resource. Just as we experienced in the first volume, these hymn arrangements contain unaltered original hymn melodies in congregational friendly keys. Tommy and Sean have skillfully crafted new bridges with easy to remember alternate lyrics and melodies for each hymn, bringing a fresh and modern flavor to the songs. The greatest benefit of this project is the broad appeal that congregations of many generations will enjoy. Young and old can worship together in a unified experience that is positive for all. Community Bible stays true to the commitment of making arrangements which can be prepared and performed with very few rehearsals. Only through the boxed set offered by Prism Music will churches be able to purchase the original accompaniment tracks, choir parts and orchestrations. Purchase of the USB boxed set allows for music to be shared as needed to accommodate your ministry. The USB contains the following music formats: Demonstration recordings, Piano/vocal parts, vocal only parts, rhythm parts, orchestrations, orchestra reduction piano only parts, SATB practice tracks, Rhythm Instrument practice tracks, PowerPoint Lyric files, split track accompaniment, Stereo track accompaniment, instrumental stem tracks (click tracks and various instrumental tracks to augment live performances). Now these incredible songs are available in Single Song Package Download format! You get all the items listed above (all audio files, choral and orchestral parts, and PowerPoint Lyric files), now available to download as digital singles.

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Blessed Assurance

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